About Oguta LGA -Imo state.

About Oguta LGA -Imo state.

Oguta pronounced (Ugwuta) is located in Imo State of Nigeria, and shares boundaries with Anambra, Delta and Rivers States. It lies within the Lower Niger drainage basin. Oguta is the headquarters of the Oguta Local Government Area and is one of the four crude oil producing Local Governments in Imo State.

Oguta is a socio-geographic community town with a surface area of approximately 2,025.75 square kilometers. Oguta LGA itself comprises 27 villages. The Omereife festival (new yam ) – performed between July, August – September by, Mgbele, Nkwesi, Nneukwu, Osu Obodo Eziorsu, Oguta Egbuoma and Egwe communities. Okorosha festival (new year festival) – performed August and September by, Agwa, Awa Izombe, Akabo and Ejemekuru.

Today, Oguta is better known for its resort hotel, challenging Scottish-designed golf course,Oguta has attracted a lot of visitors because of its popular lake . It is also a home of commercial fishing. It has a huge oil and gas deposit known as the "Golden Belt". Oguta is also known for its rich cultural diversity.Oguta has a history that traces our forefathers to the great Benin kingdom under the rulership of the oba. Our traditional attires tells a lot of our rich culture. Fish, yam and cassava are just some of the staples in an average Oguta person's diet. Neighbouring towns include Ezi-Orsu, Izombe (an oil and gas settlement), Akri, Mgbidi , Awo-Omamma , Mgbele, Nkwesi , Nnebukwu, Orsu-Obodo, Egwe, and Egbuoma, border town with Anambra State.

What People do not know

Umuofor Village, is the smallest village in Uguta LGA .

writing by : ezeribe chibuike. (umuofor , ugata lga).


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